Sunday, October 27, 2013





Tartan in catwalks fall 2013

    Hey everyone! How are you all? I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. This is my third instalment in the "Trends of autumn" series. This time we are gonna talk about a trend that has come and go many times in the fashion world. Also is one of my favorites!What do Scottish people, punk music and this fall's trends have in common? You guessed right! Tartan! The lovely checked print in many colors from the usual (yet always loved) red to bink and green, tartan is one of the hottest trends this fall. It can be seen in cute dresses, suits, pants and even coats. Of course let's not forget the tartan shirts which are always associated with the punk musical movement. Red tartan is the first and safest choice. I myself, have indulged with a beloved red tartan shirt which always makes me feel a bit cooler than i actually am. Pairing with a leather jacket and some converse or even biker boots, the tartan print can become really edgy and rock. 
    However this fall, the sweeter and more ladylike side of tartan is exposed. Cute woolen coats, sharp blazers and girlie skirts, give a fresh breath to this traditional trend. And this range of new colors helps the tartan to sneak in our closet easier. Match your skirt to a creme jumper or your blazer with a pair of black pants and you will feel like you are living in some beautiful little town in Scotland. And everyone have to admit Scotalnd is beautiful! Almost all the designer brands have tartan pieces in their autumn collections, like Moschino, Celine and Louis Vuitton. And for the bolder ones listen to this: Tartan on tartan! Yes you heard me right. High fashion brands such as Lanvin and Dolce and Cabbana took the trend a step further by daring what used to be condemned; pairing check with check prints. If they suggest it then it can't be that wrong right? So either if you pick a subtle coat and skirt or even you dare to mix and match two pieces together, you should give this trend which comes from the roots and the traditions of Scotland, a try. Trust me tartan will not let you down ;)

Till next time take care dolls xxx

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Angels on bare skin" facial cleanser by Lush -- Review




Hey hey everyone how are you all? Recently I am a bit under the weather although it is quite warm here in Greece. Therefore I decided to blog not about fashion this time but about a face product that I completely adore. For quite a long time I was looking for a nice cleanser for my face. It was a bit hard as I am very picky when it comes to facial products. My skin is a difficult combination as it is a bit sensitive and dry on my cheeks area, while my T zone is oily. Therefore finding the right product was not an easy task. As i was lost and frustrated, I came across many positive reviews about the facial products of Lush. As many of you might know Lush is a brand which creates products for the body and hair, all from natural ingredients. A plus also is that the specific brand is a cruelty free brand which does not performs tests on animals. I was always fond of Lush and especially its bath bombs and melts but i never had paid any attention really to its facial cleansers. So reading all these positive reviews made me quite intrigued to take the plunge and try one for myself. Going down to a Lush store was such a pleasant experience as the stuff was quite helpful and really pointed me to the right direction as to which one of the cleansers was more appropriate for my skin type. 

"Angels on bare skin"! What a lovely name don't you guys think? Just from the name alone I knew this product can not be bad as angels are not bad at all right? This cleanser practicalle changed my life. From the very first use i felt my skin completely smooth and different. The product ingredients (all natural) include almond milk which has a toning ans soothening effect, kaolin which absorbs grease and cleanses the skin, vegetable glycerine that moisturizes the skin and many essential oils (rosea and chamomile) that help the skin balance. Lastly it has a lovely lavender scent. This product cleanses the skin while it also offers a mild exfoliation and finally leaves the skin moisturized. You only need to use the smallest amount of it and rub it gently over your face like you are exfoliating. Once you are done rinsing water you will immediately feel your skin velvety smooth and more firm and toned. Additionaly i started to notice that by using this product on my face twice a day, any red spots or zits started to vanish fast and thereforee my skin ends up looking flawless. In no way my skin has acne issues, therefore i do not claim that this product will help with acne; what I do claim though is that if your skin is a bit dry and has some redness/red spots here and there, this product is the one for you! Your face will become clear quite fast and it will look moistured and healthy. Don't forget to put your favorite moisturizing cream after use to have even better results! I can't stress enough how much i love this cleanser! I love using it twice a day and just touching my skin afterwards to feel how smooth it is (yes i am that weird :p). What I love most about it is the fact that all ingredients are natural and do not irritate my skin one bit. If you are looking for a new cleanser and your skin type is close to mine you should give this product a try. You don't have to commit to it as you can buy as much quanity as you wish and you only need to use a small amount every day. This product totally enhanced my love and admiration of Lush. If you have tried this product or any of Lush's cleanser comment down below and share your opinion and thoughts about them.  

Until next time take care dolls xxx

Sunday, October 13, 2013



Chapter 2


Hey hey everyone how are you? I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. This new post is going to be about another autumn fashion trend. Jumping out of a Batman comic or from the S&M universe, PVC is the material of this year's fall. Shinny, not very stretchy but very fabulous, PVC is here to steal our hearts. High waisted skirts give a verry sharp and firm tone at the office, while long trench coats give the impression you are a character of the Matrix moviers, living in a digital world. Knee length dresses can transform even the most modest and conservative woman into a sexy seductress. And lets not forget the Catwoman like pants. Be aware MIchelle Pfeiffer! PCV is a material that many might mistake for leather, however it is not;it is plastic! Yes plastic! Plastic that looks like leather. Because of that very fact all the clothes made of it are not what you could call stretchy at all and not extremelly comfy. On the other hand they are very fierce and beautiful, so one must decides if they value comfort over style. I personally love the way PVC looks on a body and have my first PVC clothing already; a Topshop powder pink skirt ( you can see it on my ootd post). Ans the best part is that in this year's fall PVC comes in all colors and shades: from pastel pink and yellow to fierce black and red. So even if someone is a bit afraid to try this unique material because it might look a bit too harsh and very S&M like, they can always choose a cute pastel colour to soften it up. You can see PVC in the fall collections of all major high fashion brands, which is why it became a famm trend. So, my advice will be to be daring and be fierce! If you are not very sure about it, try a staple piece like a black trenchcoat or a dress. However, if you belong to the more daring ones, try a vibrant red coat or dress that will take your sex appeal up high. There is a piece for every taste. The question is: Are you gonna dare to let your inner Catwoman come to surface? What do you guys think about this fall trend? Comment below and share your thoughts.

Till next time lovelies xxx

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A fall trend inspired ootd


Skirt: Topshop
Shirt: Reiss
Shoes: Zara
Purse: Blanco

Hey hey everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. Inspired by the fall trend of pastels (see my post about fall trends) I decided to create an ootd based on my favorite pastel colour at the moment: the powdery pink! Therefore the basic item of the outfit is the pink pencil skirt. The skirt is highwaisted and the material is pvc (another fall trend!). It is just as amazing as it looks in the picture. I absolutely love this skirt. The knee length is very flattering and although the pvc material is not famous for being stretchy, the specific skirt is quite tight yet has some space to move - even for the curvier girls. I paired this gorgeous skirt with a dark shade of pink (fuchsia) shirt because I like the fact that although there is a contrast between the two shades, pink remains the basic colour. For the shoes and accessories I decided to go with black because it could tone down the outfit and make it more appropriate for autum. A nice black coat could be the final touch for this look. I believe that because the weather is getting colder that doesn't mean you can't have fun with your style and brighten up your wardrobe. Pink is definately a season trend in any shade and as the absolute girly colour it is very flattering. Do you dare to spice up ur fall wardrobe with some pastel pink or not? Comment down below and share your thoughts about the outfit and the specific trend. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. See you chickas :)


Thursday, October 3, 2013



Jumper: Forever21
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Migato

Hey hey lovelies! Brrrr what a cold day today in Athens. Temperature dropped so fast it made my head spinning! One moment I was going around in a T-shirt and sandals and the next moment I find myself in a jumper and tights. So my outfit for the day was something casual and cute. I love black as a color because it has many dimensions and it can be cute, sexy and dark all at once. Also black is easy to match and style and you really can't go wrong with black. My skater skirt is from H&M and I purchased it in my recent trip to New York as well as my jumper which is from Forever21. I was logging for a kitty distressed jumper since last winter and couldn't really find one that suit me well, so when I found this one in Forever21 I was more than happy. The print is really cute and girly and I love black&white patterns. The shoes are from a greek brand which is called Migato (I don't know if it exists in other countries too). They are my newest babies and I am in total love with them. They are black patent leather and quite shiny. They have buckles on them and they are flatforms.My first flatforms!! So comfy and cute they look like creepers a bit which is great because I was considering getting a pair of creepers but their flatform height was a bit too much for everyday use for me (I am 5'10'') and the height of these shoes is just perfect! I know that a all-black look may not be everyone's cup of tea however, it is a very wearable outfit and because of the cat print it becomes more cute and less harsh. What do you guys think about the all-black outfits? Comment below and share your thoughts about my ootd and black on black in general. Till next time lovelies!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013





Hey hey everyone. How was your weekend? Mine was quite relaxing yet fun. However, one thing I noticed this weekend is the sudden change in the weather. In many countries all over the world and now in Greece too, autumn started to set in for good. You all know the signs; temperature drops, it's a bit chilly outside (enough to need a cardigan), boots start to replace the sandals etc. And since autumn is making an appearance I did some research to find out the hottest season trends. I was quite surprised to see that one of the major trends of this time of the year is the pastel colors on clothes and shoes. Pastel is a term refering to the candy like shades of colours that are not very vibrant or dark but on the contrary they are very bright. Although many will consider this palette as more approrpiate for spring, many major highstreet and high fashion brands will disagree. Topshop, Moschino, Celine and even Oscar de la Renta incorprorated pink, baby blue and light yellow in their fall 2013 collections. Inspired by the elegants and delicate look of 1920's, this trend is combining colours that are quite girly and brings a new fresh breath in the usually dark and somewhat difficult boarderline autumn wardrobe. But dont be fooled! Althought the colours may seem quite innocent and sweet, imagine pvc pencil skirts and mini dresses, all in powdery shades of pink and blue. Quite feminine and sexy don't you think? Easy to style as long as you are in a playfull mood, pastel is here to stay and to change the way we perceive the fall-winte fashion rules. And dont forget the optimistic effect of these colours; wearing a pink coat on a cold, cloudy day is definately going to lift your mood and cheer you up. However, the candy like colours are not a part of this fall's fashion but also this season's make up palette. Include those lovely colours in your everyday make up for a more romantic subtle look. Eyes or lips it doesn't matter;it will brighten up your face and make it even look younger and less tired. It's the magic of the colours guys i swear! Girly yet femine, powdery colours are a fall must in every fashionista's wardrobe.Or makeup kit. ;) What do you guys think about the new autumn trend? How do you feel about pastel colours in fall wardrobe? Comment below and share your opinion/thoughts! Till next time!