Monday, March 24, 2014




Moschino Powder Pink Quilted Eco Leather  Shoulder Bag

Hey lovely ladies and gents. With spring just around the corner, as the weather gets better and sunnier so does our wardrobe. As much as I love my black handbags, it is time to incorporate some color in my outfits, that matches the lovely spring mood. Looking for the perfect bag was not an easy task but when I saw this beauty I knew it is the one. From the Moschino "Love Moschino" series, this lovely bag combines two of my all time favorite trends: the Chanel like quilted texture and the sweet candy pink pastel color. It has a shoulder chain (another Chanel detail) which can be used as a single or a double strap. Besides its lovely design it is also quite functional as it is big enough to fit all the things a girl needs in her everyday purse. Pastel is one or even the biggest trend of this season. Mint, powder pink and baby blue are everywhere from clothes to make up and sunglasses. Investing in the season's hottest trend would be a good idea as you can match these clours basically to everything. They can be worn in the daytime and nightime and from spring till the end of summer. I personally love this purse!Its lovely candy colour is just too cute to resist! A candy coloured purse is a spring essential as it is the perfect touch to soften up any harsh dark coloured look and helps the transition from the cold moody winter to the lovely warm spring. The colour is up to you but the choices are many and all lovely. One thing is for sure; your pastel purse is going to rock any spring outfit and soon it will be your everyday accessorie. With a classy and cute purse you can never go wrong. Comment down below and share your favorite pastel bags that hold a special spot in your spring/summer wardrobe. 

Till next time take care dolls ;) xxx


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sigma/RealTechniques/ELF/MAC Makeup brushes review/comparison

      Make up brushes review/comparison (Sigma,Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, E.L.F. and M.A.C.)

From left to right: Sigma, E.L.F. , Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman and M.A.C.

Hey hey dolls how are you all? I know I have not been around for a while but I am back and with an awesome post. On the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales I decided it is the perfecrt moment to expand my poor make up brushes collection that up till then consisted of M.A.C. and invest in some staple brushes of different brands that I have heard so much about. 

The first brand I wanted to try for ages but I found it a bit expensive was Sigma. Therefore they were the first brushes I purchased on my make up brush buying spree. The brushes I had my eye on were: the pencil brush, the waterline brush, the tightline brush, the smudge brush, the crease shader brush and the small shader brush. The first thing I noticed about them is the similar appearance to the M.A.C. brushes. Black and silver, however, they are obviously smaller and shorter. Apart from that they are similar. They are not very dense, on the contrary they are quite soft and smooth. I absolutely loved them all except the crease shader one. The reason I did not particularly like this brush is the fact that it is not dense at all which makes it very difficult for me to apply any eyeshadow on the crease. The tightline and waterline ones are pretty amazing and I am in love with them. They are dense enough to make the creation of a line an easy peasy task. Because of that I even use the waterline one instead of eyeliner and create a winged eye line. With that said I really like the Sigma brushes and i believe it is something worth investing in because the quality is lovely.

The next brushes I was really looking forward to try were the collection of Samantha Chapman for Real Techniques. I have watched videos on youtube where people were raving about them and it really intrigued me to try them on. The ones I picked are: the face expert brush, the blush brush and the stippling brush. One thing i can say about these brushes: AMAZING. I have to admit those are my favorite brushes so far. They are all quite thick and firm in lovely colors. They are very dense but not too dense which makes them perfect for applying products, especially liquid foundation and make up. The face expert brush is perfect for liquid products because its shape and short hair make it easier to fit in all the hollows and sockets of the face and apply the product there in a couple of minutes. It also helps blending the product in the face with minimum effort creating a flawless outcome. For the exact same reasons, the stippling brush is a very good alternative to the expert face brush for applying liquid products. Nevertheless I adore both brushes and I like to use one for make up and one for foundation. The blush brush is lovely as its pointy shape is great not only for applying blush but mostly for contouring the face, as it fits perfectly in the hollows of the cheeks. All three brushes are so soft and you can feel there was a lot of thought put in the making of them. They definately worth having them in your collection.

E.L.F is a brand I always thought it has low quality products for some reason, however, after some research I found out that their make up brushes receive many positive reviews. Combining that with the low price I thought I should give it a try. Therefore I got the powder brush, the angled eyeliner brush, the small smudge brush, the angled foundation brush and eyebrow brush and combo. These brushes were a pleasant surprise as they were better quality than I expected. They are quite dense and soft. The powder brush is extremelly dense which makes it easy to apply pressed powder but a bit difficult for loose powder. The eyebrow combo brush is lovely for grooming my eyebrows and the small smudge brush is the right size to create a smudgy/smokey eye look. The angled eyeliner brush has made the diffcult and frustrationg eyeliner process much more easier and fun. Lastly the angled foundation brush was a big disappointment as the reason for getting it was to use it as a contouring brush bc of its angled shape, but the actual brush is extremelly thin which makes it more appropriate for creating a line than contouring the face. Because of its density it is indeed right for applying foundation which is its actual purpose but not right for my purpose. In all E.L.F studio make up brushes are very well made and do not really luck in quality, which taking into consideration of their price makes them a great alternative to all the higher priced make up brushes mentioned above.

Lastly I would like to mention M.A.C. to conclude the comparison of all the make up brushes I own. My M.A.C. brushes were not purchased on Black Friday, as a matter of fact they are my very first - and till recently my only- brushes. I am not gonna go in great extent about them as they are quite similar to the Sigma ones; they are well designed, good quality, not very dense but dense enough, soft and easy to apply all the relative products. The biggest disadvantage of those brushes though, is the fact that they fall off. Sometimes while I use them and sometimes during the cleaning proccess, M.A.C. make up brushes fall off. Not all of them but mostly the face ones like the blush and duo fibre brushes. This is quite upsetting as these brushes are very expensive and supposed to be professional. Although I love M.A.C. cosmetics, I can not say I am also loving their brushes for their high prices.

In total all those brands have lovely make up brushes and the main basic difference is the price. If you can't afford to spurge on your makeup tools E.L.F is an amazing alternative with quite a large variety for every purpose. However, if you have a few extra bucks and you wish to invest in some good quality, higher price brushes then Real Techniques or Sigma would be my personal suggestion.special Real Techniques-they are simple fantastic. M.A.C. is not that bad either but for that price I would go for the previous two brands mentioned. Bottomline it all goes back to your purpose and budget. I hope this review is a bit helpful to all you lovelies outhere who,like me, are looking for some staple brushes to add or even start their collection with. I would love to hear your experience with those brands or any other brands you have tried and absolutely love or even hate!

Till next time take care dolls ;) xxx


Thursday, January 2, 2014

My skincare routine

My skincare routine

Elizabeth Arden: Visible diffrence skin balancing toner
Clarins: Multi-active night youth recovery cream
Shiseido: Anti-dark circles eye cream
M.A.C: Studio moisture cream
Lush: Angels on bare skin face cleanser

Happy New Yeaaaar!!! How are you dolls? Still recovering from the parties from the holidays? It feels that this year passed faster than usual since we are already in 2014! As the holidays comw to an end I decided that the first post of this year should be about something which is important for every girl out there; the skincare routine. Considering that every day our skin has to face the combination of all the chemical makeup and the pollution of the city, it is very important to take care of it on a daily basis so we can protect it and minimize the damage done. Also since I am 26 years old I decided it is the right time to start thinking about the future aging process and do something for it! Personally I prefer not to use many products on my skin therefore the routine I follow is just 4-5 little steps which can take me a long way. 

After some thought I figured that the best time to really take care of my skin would be during the night as I feel that while we sleep, our body is in a way heeling itself and therefore all the products will be better absorbed and they will offer more impressing results. So to start with the routine the most important thing is to always and i do mean ALWAYS remove the makeup we have on. There is nothing worse than smeared makeup from last night absorbed from the skin. It does not really matter what you use - it could be makeup wipes or makeup remover lotion - what matters is to never ommit that step no matter how tired or bored you may feel. After that my absolutely favorite step is to cleanse my face with my beloved facial cleanser from Lush. I can not stress enough how much i love this product. I like to take a small quantity and rub it gently all over my wet face for a few minutes. It is like magic happens at that moment as after I wash my face it feels so smooth and healthy. For the next step I gently, using a cotton pad, put all over my face Elizzabeth Arden's balanching toner. Now this step was something I always thought it is quite redudant and uneccessary. However, after I used the toner for the first time I was shocked enough to see that there were still pollutants left on the skin which thankfully the toner removed. That was the moment i realised that a toner is actually a neccessary step in a cleansing proccess. Now that the skin is completely clean it is time to apply the creams. For my face I love Clarins' night cream for youth recovery. It is ar ich moisturizing cream that has anti-aging action as well. The cream is amazing. It feels quite rich yet it is easily absorbed by the skin and keeps it smooth. Needless to say that the next morning my skin feels lovely. It glows and looks so fresh and healthy and blemish-free. Last step for the nightcare routine is the eye cream. This is a very important step for me as I have massive dark circles under my eyes mostly because of ym sleeping patterns. Shiseido's anti-dark circle eye cream is lovely. It is quite rich and although it might feels heavy it is absorbed immediately and helps brighten up the dark areas. 

As mentioned before I believe that night routine is more important but that does not mean we should neglect our skin during the daytime. For that reason I like to repeat some of those steps, like the cleansing and eye cream, during the day as well but instead of heavy anti aging creams I simple apply MAC's moisturizing cream which is extremelly hydtrating and leaves my skin smooth and ready to face the challenges of a new day. I know that my skincare routine might struck as a lot of trouble to some, however it takes only 10 minutes which I gladly spend in order to keep my skin fresh, young and healthy. I believe that taking care of it early creates the right basis for having a lovely skin as we get older. All the products I use are absolutely amazing. I was quite sceptical when I purchased them but right now I do not regret my decisions at all. My skin is in a much better condition in the past and it gets better by the day. 

Do you have a skincare routine and if so which products do you swear by? 

Till next time take care dolls ;) xxx