Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vintage is the new modern


Crosley cruiser briefcase portable turntable (turqoise color): Urban Outfitters
Fujifilm instax210 camera: B&H shop NYC

Hey hey lovelies another good day another blog post. Inspired by my purchases from my recent trip to NYC I decided to blog about a new trend that is spreading everywhere lately from instagram to youtube and twitter. Remember your grandfather's old turntable from the 50's and your parents' polaroid where pictures were developed the moment they were taken? Well today those old and obsolete items are experiencing a second glow era. Remade, polished, "cutified" (yeah that's a word i made up but you can catch my drift :) ) and priced up a bit high, these not-so-obselete items returned to our lives. Mostly appealing to the younger ages, they are an alloy of an old era that makes us nostalgic and a new modern world where gadgets thrive. As a 26 year old girl I never got the chance to experience neither of these items and sadly enough none of my ancestors ever used them. Therefore influenced by the trend around me I jumped on that wagon and got myself two of those old yet new products. First it was the Fujifilm Instax210 camera. My excitement as soon as I saw the pictures develop in front of my eyes is something I cant even describe. There is something thrilling in those few moments you wait for your picture to develop and admire your very own creation. Saying that I do not absolutely love this camera it is a lie. It is adorable and completely functional. The second item I purchased is the beautiful Crosley turntable. Compact style, briefcase look and a lovely turqoise color (one of the many as it comes even in pink!), that turntable balances gracefully between a toy and an actual equipment. It is quite functional with its built in speakers, yet even when it is not used it adds a touch of nostalgia in your room.  Vintage items as the above are very popular among the young people these days and by looking at them and even using them i can understand why. In a time where more evolved gadgets are being created every day, it is good to remember those that preceeded and how much fun it is to use something that is less sophisticated and fast.

What do you guys think about the return of the retro items like the above? Comment down below and share your opinion :))


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Leggings; hot or not?

Leggings; Hot or not?

Shoes: Blanco
Leggings: Blackmilkclothing/NY skyline

Hello lovely peeps. Another warm day in Athens another blackmilk outfit for me. If it's not evident until now i am a bit obsessed with Blackmilkclothing and everything nylon. I know there are two different sides when it comes to leggings: the ones that hate them and the ones that love them. Well i obviously love them! Many claim leggings are not flattering and should not replace pants in an outfit. They say that they show the shape of a woman's body precisely and sometimes you can even notice the underwear if the material is not thivk enough. Although i agree to that point to an extent i believe it depends on the fabric itself and the quality of the product. There are leggings that are not flattering for certain bodytypes if the material is see-through and sheer however, this is not the case with Blackmilk. All the products (or the majority of them) are made from fabrics such as nylon and spandex (swimsuits are made of this :O) and therefore they can maintain their strechness while they are not revealing one bit! Wearing them sometimes feels like wearing a work of art (like the Monet Lilies leggings) or as if you are a member of the Slitherin Quidditch team (like the Slitherin leggings from the Harry Potter collection). They are comfortable, stylish and yet modest enough so you can keep your underwear to yourself. As far as the arguement about curvy girls who are not supposed to wear leggings all i have to say is that fashion is not for a specific size and bodytype but it is for everyone; tall, short, curvy, slim. All that matters is how this garment makes you feel and how well you can make it work. So in all my opinion is that the legging are one of the most ambivalent clothesthat became popular and a trend in the last couple years, and although it has its haters and lovers noone can deny that depending on the company and the quality it IS a very comfortable, fashionable and on occasions sexy-YES SEXY- alternative to pants and jeans. Before being judgemental and quickly point the finger and laugh at the person next to us because of their choice of clothes we should think of what we wear and the reason we wear it. So i guess to each its own don't you think?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Swimsuit: Blackmilkclothing
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop

Hey hey today is a lovely day here in Athens although it's already autumn there is some summer left. Therefore today's outfit was summery inspired. I chose pastel colours because they are the upcoming autumn trend and they remind me of candy! Everyone who knows me are aware of my candy addiction and sometimes it just happens to transfer in my wardrobe as well. As a curvy person i prefer to wear bodycon like clothes since i believe they are flattering by emphasizing on the curvy/hourglass figure plus they are just so feminine and sexy! Matching a nude/pink skirt with baby blue coloured swim that has a print of what else....ANIMAL CUPCAKES!! Just whehn you thought this outfit couldn't get any cutter right? This particular swim is one of my favorite from my BM (Blackmilkclothing) collection and it gives a cheerful and childish (in a good way) tone to the outfit. The shoes are regular brogues in a nude colour which in my opinion is a great investment as they match pretty much anything and you can dress them up or down. Although pastel colours are an autumn trend they can absolutely be worn in a nice sunny summery weather as they are light colours and therefore perfect for this time of the year where you find yourself between two seasons and you just don't know what to wear :/ (You ladies know what i'm talking about "I have nothing to wear!!!!!").

Let me know what you think about the outfit and the pastl colours trend of the autumn :)

Vicky xx

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello World

Highline (Chelsea) - New York City

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

One of the truest things ever said; beauty is subjective. It depends on a person's perception of what is appealing or not to them and it can be found anywhere if you just take a closer look. While to some this graffiti may strike as something ugly and loud that trashes a perfectly fine wall, to others - including myself- this is a beautiful form of art that puts a smile on my face. It's a splash of colour in the otherwise dull painted neighborhood. The Crazy and Fashionable blog is based upon this motto and is exactly what its name suggests: CRAZY AND FASHIONABLE. Subjects like fashion, beauty, interior decoration and much more will be discussed here without any prejudice and narrow mindness. I am just a girl who wants to share my passion for fashion and style with people and hopefully inspire them the same way I was inspired by others. So everyone sit tight and keep your eyes peeled for more posts to come.