Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First impression/review BH cosmetics 120 eyeshadow 5th edition and 10 color professional blush palettes


First impression review 
120 eye shadow palette 5th edition
10 color palette prfessional blush

120 eye shadow palette 5th edition - BH Cosmetics

10 color palette professional blush - BH Cosmetics

Hey hey girlies how are you? I know i have not been around lately due to some personal issues however, I am very excited about today's post. I recently received two palettes I was looking forward to get my hands on from BH cosmetics and I decided i should make a post about my first impression and some sort of a review of the products. So let's get to the point! For a while now I have watched many youtubers raving about BH cosmetics and how lovely yet affordable their products are. I was quite intriuged from all this fuss and I decided to give the brand a try. However, purchasing the products from the states was proved to be quite a challenge and therefore I thought it would be better to buy them from somewhere within Europe so it will be easier to get to me. While looking for BH resellers in Europe i came across a site or two which were selling the known for their cheap price products at ridiculously higher price (even double) and soon i got disappointed. All this until one day i discovered quite shocked that there is a BH cosmetics site in Germany. Thats right in Germany! The actual BH cosmetics site and not just a reseller. And to my further excitement the products were barely a bit more expensive than in the US site and also i could ship them home through a courier company and not the unreliable post office. Therefore i placed my order and a week later it was at my door!

The products I decided to get are two of my favorite ones that caught my eye; the 120 eyeshadow palette 5th edition and the 10 color professional blush palette. Needless to say they were quite wrapped up and in perfect condition, both of the products are absolutely stunning. So let's start witht he blush palette. As the description says there are 10 colors in this palette from different shades; you can find ice pink to warm peach and dark bronze color. They are all highly pigmented and easy to apply. Soe of them are shimmery and soe matter. The picture in the site does not do justice to the colors as they look less vibrant than what they are. For that purpose i decided to do a swatch of them on my arm so you can see better how they apply and how pigmented they are. Some of these colors suit the fair skin tones and some the darker ones. However, I believe all can be put in use since besides my favorite pink and peachy shades, I can use the darker ones as bronzers in the summer or for contouring. The material of the case is quite thick and not the shinny tacky one in my opinion. Also something very interesting i found written in the back of the products is that BH does not test on animals. This makes me even fonder of the brand as i do not approve the animaltesting one bit and companies that are ethically right always have my vote. In all the 10 color professional blush palette is quite worthy. It has 10 colors that range in different shades satisfying all tastes. Pink, fucsia, peach, nude, brown, bronze even a vibrant orange one, Being shimmery and matte, they can be used in different occasions. They all apply nicely and are very pigmented. If you were not sure about this palette do not waste any more minutes! Get your hands on it; it totally worths it! Plus the price was quite low for 10 blushes that can be used for multi purposes so why not ladies?

Here there is a picture of  the palette so you can see the colors as they actually look and a picture of them swatched on my inner arm

Now now about that 120 eyeshadow palette! I chose the 5th edition because from the pictures it seemed that the majority of colors are brown, nude and pink/purple, which are my favorite colors to use. I believe they flatter me more based on my brown eye color and fair skintone. I have to say I was not disappointed at all! The palette is true and just lovely. 50% of the colors are brown and nude ones with the remaining 50% to be the pink and purple ones, white and highliters and some random colors like green, navy blue and a couple of black shadows. I am very satisfied with the variety and the shades. Some colors are very shimmery, some less shimmery and some are matte. In general they are very pigmented with some being more pigmented than others. They are all very beautiful and some of them have a quite rich and thick feel on my fingers. As I absolutely love all the brown/nude/gold shades and also the purple ones i am not too fond of the pink ones however, I believe I could give them a try because they are quite pretty. Also the navy blue was a pleasant surprise and the black and highliting ones are always usefull. The green ones are lovely and since they are my mom's favorite I am gonna leave them to her. The case is from the same material as the blush one with the adition of a mirror which just makes things much more easier. In general the 5th edition 120 color palette is a stunner! The colors are pretty, most of the shades are my taste and the majority of them is very pigmented with the exception of some matte ones which need a bit more quantity to show. If you love your brown and purples like me this is the palette to go!Let's not forget the low price as well!

Below there are pictures of the actual pallete as well as some colors i swatched on my inner arm from both palettes (from the 120) as they stood out to me more. I hope the pictures help you have a better impression of how the colors truly show and how pigmented they are.

Of course there are many brown and nude colors but I thought the ones i swatched are more interesting. This does not mean the brown ones are notamazing! This post is about the first impression i got from the palettes. As soon as I use them both I will make another post reviewing how they actually feel on my face. Which means I will talk about whether they crease, last, are easy to apply and whether the irritate my skin or not. So sit tight dolls and wait for the after use review if you are interested. I hope this first impression review and the pictures are helpful for anyone who is interested int hose two palettes. Comment down below and let me know what you think and if you have any other BH products you love or hate. 

Till next time take care dolls :) xxx

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trends of autumn - Chapter 4: Back to balck and white + OOTD


Chapter 4

Going back to Black and White

Skirt: H&M
Jumper: Forever21
Shoes: Blanco

    Hey hey everyone. Today's post is the fourth installment to the Trends of Autumn posts, combined with an OOTD. One of the most timeless trends in fashion is the combination of black and white. There is nothing classier than the monochromatic style which returned in the catwalks this fall (if it ever left). The  can be seen from high fashion brands such as Narciso Rodriguez and J Mendel to high street brands such as Topshop and Forever21. One of the statement pieces of Fall/Winter 2013 is the hooudstooth jumpers and skirts. The dynamic duo is such a strong choice in an outfit that all that needs is a pair of red shoes or any color shoes really to just complete it by creating a beautiful contrast. Easy to style, elegant and feminine, black and white is rightfully one of the hottest trends of this season. 
   Inspired by this Coco Chanel like trend, i decided to create a more casual and simple ootd. Therefore  I paired a black skater skirt I got from H&M with a lovely white jumper I got from Forever21. The jumper althought it might not be eausy to see has also a lovely aztec-like abstarct print and texture, which gives more dimension to the blouze. The reason I chose for the top to be white, is the fact that a top in a bright color gives glow and light to the face and compliments it more. To finish of the outfit, i chose a pair of faux leather boots with straps from Blanco, because they are my favorite everyday choice when it comes to shoes, plus they make the outfit a bit more masculine, instead of pairing it with some ballerinas which would make it more girly. This outfit is perfect for everyday and if you want to spice it up a bit you can always add some accessories preferably in gold color but not too many, as it is supposed to be simple. What do you guys think of the monochronatic trend? Are you ready to jump on the black and white train? 

Till next time take care dolls ;) xxx