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Chocolate bar - Smell like candy 


Top row left to right:  strawberry bon bon, marzipan, salted caramel, gilded ganache, black forest truffle,  milk chocolate, white chocolate, triple fudge--Bottom row left to right: champagne truffle, semi sweet, creme brulee, haute chocolate, cherry cordial, amaretto,candied violet

 Hello lovelies, another palette another review. I know that this is the second in a row Too Faced review but what can a girl do right? Too Faced is a brand I am absolutely in love with. It all started with the Cocoa Powder foundation ( review coming soon), followed by the Everything Nice palette and now with the Chocolate Bar. I had my eyes on this palette for a while now but i always ended up buying something else instead. Now, I have many palettes and eye shadows but I felt I just HAD to have it because this palette is literally everything!! 

You all know that I am a nude/brown eye shadow junkie. I feel these shades compliment my eye and hair color more and they are easy to pull off as well as very versatile. Therefore, you can never have enough nudes. This palette is perfect because it consists of 16 shadows, which are a good mixture of nude/brown ones and a couple of special purple/pink ones. The selection of colors is amazing. You have two larger shadows in nude/champagne color for highlighting and then the rest vary from caramel, to gold and dark brown. The special ones are a lovely baby pink, a purple with pink glitter (a personal favorite) and a cherry red one which is truly unique. The finish of the shadows varies as well since you have matte ones, subtle glittery and satin ones. The pigmentation is gorgeous. They are very intense and as you can see in the picture, even the nude and lighter shades are visible and the color pays off well. They are easily blended and very buildable. You can create many looks with them from everyday natural/nude ones to sexy golden ones for a night out. However, the best part for me is the scent; Chocolate Bar is part of the products Too Faced has created, that are made with real cocoa! How amazing is this? Besides the fact that real cocoa is a natural ingredient, it also smells amazing. The scent is not unpleasantly strong, instead it is subtle but enough to create a lovely scent on your face. Playing in the game of the cocoa as an ingredient, Too Faced named all the shades after chocolate sweets and candy, which combined with the palette design, creates the impression that it is a real chocolate you are unfolding!

In all I would recommend this palette by far! As a matter of fact, it has become my favorite recently, even competing with my Naked 3 from Urban Decay! The shades are beautiful and necessary for everyone not only for nude/brown lovers as myself. Pigmented, versatile with a great pay off and an amazing chocolate scent that makes me almost to want to eat them!Almost...! This palette is an essential!! Do you have the Chocolate bar or even the Semi Sweet palette and if so what are your thoughts on them? 

Till next time take care dolls ;) xxx


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