Friday, December 27, 2013

BH Cosmetics palettes review (120 eyeshadow 5th edition and professional blush 10 color palletes)

 BH cosmetics palettes review

Hey hey lovelies how have you been? I know I have not posted in a while beacause things were a little hectic lately. However, I am back and with the review i promised a while ago about BH cosmetics palettes: 120 eyeshadow palette 5th edition and 10 color professional blush palette. In my first impression post I wrote how both of the palettes looked quite lovely, colors looked pigmented and in total I was very satisfied considering the price of those babies. Now I am here to talk a bit about the quality of the products as well as how easily they are applied on th skin and how long they stay up.

To start with the eye shadow palette I can not stress enough how lovely the colors are. The variety is incredible from matte to glittery colors to metallic ones the choices are so many it will take you a while to decide what to wear every time. All colors are very pigmented however, the sparkly and metallic ones are a bit more pigmented and easier to apply than the matte ones. This is an issue that I have come across in my sleek palettes as well. I do not know why matte colors are less pigmented and not so easy to apply on the eyes than the shimmering ones but this does not make them any less lovely. Also for those who are not friends of the shimmery colors here is a little tip: you can wet your brush before applying a matte color and this will turn your color a bit metallic - not sparkly- and it will help it stay on your eyes longer. With that said i can honestly recommend this palette for those who seek an affordable palette that is close to purple/pink and brown shades as this is the majority of the colors with some interesting twists such as navy blue and silver grey and of course the basic black. It worths the money as it is merely 12$ and it has 120 shades. Even if you will never use some, you can still get your money's worth since you will definately like at least half of them. Also I did not face any allergy based problems with my eyes and any irritations after using the product so for me at least it was quite alright therefore i believe the quality is not bad at all. So this is a winner quality-price combo in my opinion.

Now as far as the professional blush palette is concerned I am equaly satisfied and excited. This palette is amazing. It has all the colors I like and thensome. Besides the beautiful shades of pink, which is what I usually wear, it also has darker shades which can be used for contour or as bronzers in the summer. Some are quite shimmery some not really which is great since there is a place and a time for shimmer. The colors are very pigmented maybe I could say too pigmented meaning you will need to use a small quantity on your brush and even tab it a a bit for the excess product to drop. Keeping that in mind and really blend the color on your skin, this palette is lovely. It is very versatile and can be used on all different skin colors and shades. Also its price at only 11$ makes it practically a steal. Once again i did not face any allergic reactions and problems on my skin or any breakouts so I can absolutely recommend this palette to everyone who wants to have blushes and contours all in one package. Although the price is quite low it does not lack in quality which makes it another winner. 

I do not own many products from BH Cosmetics however from those two I got I could not be more satisfied and happy with my choices. I definatelly recommend these palettes and hopefully I will get my hands on more BH make up products. Do you like BH Cosmetics? Share your opinion and experience down below as well as which products do you have and love or hate. 

Till next time take care dolls :) xxx

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